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I was about to begin my last ivf cycle that would be allowed by insurance after my last two had been unsuccessful. My husband and I both have genetic disorders that make it near impossible for us to get pregnant on our own, let alone have a healthy full term pregnancy. Multiple people who knew what my husband and I had been going through recommended giving acupuncture for fertility a try. I started seeing Dr. Shore in November of 2019 while doing stim for ivf, continued while we waited on genetic testing of our embryos and while I did FET. Now in June of 2020 I am 4 months pregnant. I 110% know that Dr. Shore played a huge role in our success. She is super knowledgeable of her practice as well as other areas of medicine, dedicated to her patients and I always looked forward to my appointments with her. The day of my FET she opened her office at 7am to give me treatment and made herself available later that evening to give a second treatment to help my FET be successful. My husband also saw her when we were doing stim for ivf and if your partner is hesitant I would strongly encourage them to give it a try. Dr. Shore played an integral part in us becoming pregnant with our first child and if you’re thinking about trying acupuncture for any reason I would make an appointment to see Dr. Shore.



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