Neck Pain

My first visit to AcuWell was at the end of January 2020.  By then end of my first session I was able to move my head and neck  much easier and by that evening my range of motion had already improved.  Since then I have received treatment at AcuWell 2x a week. Previously any pain relief was short lived but

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Give Acupuncture a Chance

Samantha is excellent at what she does! I always leave so calm and the treatment has greatly helped my symptoms. I was super nervous to start as needles are not my favorite 😊 she was great to work with me and made me feel comfortable! I never thought I would look forward to having needles in my body, but I... Read more »

Anxiety and Depression

Samantha is wonderful! She has been treating me for my anxiety and depression and her acupuncture treatments have been very effective, especially in managing my anxiety. I always leave my appointments so relaxed! She’s extremely knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Highly recommend her services!



Pain Free

Dr. Shore is amazing! I found her online and made an appointment that same day. She took the time to understand my pain and after a couple of visits, I am pain-free. I found her knowledge, enthusiasm, and approach to helping me feel better refreshing. She took her time and made sure I understood the process of her care. I’ve

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