Anxiety and Infertility

Dr Shore  has been nothing short of amazing since the day I started going to see her. Not only has she done wonders for the consistent anxiety I was unable to previously find any sort of relief from, but she has also done wonders in my progression with my infertility issues and even has given me suggestions that have proven

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Knee Pain

Dr. Shore brings a new element in treating patients with numerous ailments. I am that patient who tired multiple treatments to overcome torn knee ligament pains. The acupunture treatment provided by Dr.Shore significantly complimented the knee brace that I was wearing. Her knowledge and method of treatment using acupunture is definitely a skill of hers that helped me. Now, the... Read more »


Sciatica was a major concern for me for a long time. As you can imagine, this pain can be excruciating, long lasting, and very uncomfortable. I tried multiple options such as physio therapy, but none of these were successful. I took my mum’s advice (who is also Dr.Shore’s patient) and made an appointment! To my surprise, the treatment given by... Read more »


I was about to begin my last ivf cycle that would be allowed by insurance after my last two had been unsuccessful. My husband and I both have genetic disorders that make it near impossible for us to get pregnant on our own, let alone have a healthy full term pregnancy. Multiple people who knew what my husband and I

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